Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A weekend in the park

This sunday me and my wife Silvia with our daughter Kim went to the Sherman Oaks Castle Park. Well I suppose I liked it more than Kim, although I hate golf!

Testing: less bugs is better?

When we were testing BusinessSpace we spent 2 months on it and found more than 2000 things to improve or correct. Now it is a script of ours that since launched almost did not have any bug reports from the clients (first two weeks there were about 3 reports, but it is very few for such a huge script).

Now I think, maybe the more bugs you find at the beginning, the less you will have afterwards? Because correcting 1 bug always means correcting 2-3 nearby bugs, and thus the software becomes as clean as possible?

In any case the only program that may not have mugs at all is "Hello world!". Although i think if WE test it, we will find 5-10 bugs as well! :-D

Friday, January 16, 2009

Sam and I grew the love tree :-D

3D City Splash Screen

Can one page design be made within 1 month and not less?

Yes! If this page is FlashSpaces!! :-D

Shoelaces stand for the tasks

Plantern (Plan+Lantern) is gonna be a project management tool, actually I suppose we will mainly use it ourselves :-D it is for sure not a commercial stuff.

How can you symbolize a task, connecting two fixed dates? AS SHOELACES!! :-D

Dmitry once told me: well we have to create our own LinkedIn script. It will not be popular, people need not serious things, but at least we will have something serious among our products. So i did a serious, grave design, and by the way, the software IS popular :-D

When I was told to design TubeCreator, the only thing I knew - IT HAS TO BE CLEAN AND MERRY. Well I suppose I achieved this goal, or at least did my best.

After all is said and done Sam told that my design of Pictaca was the best one. And this after 3 months of creating variants!!!!!! :-D

And WHO would not fall in love with her? :-)
We recorded a short development demo of Sitesman today at the office. Sam told that he is totally in love with the girl :-D as for me I am in love with her longer than he is... The coffee machine is broken again :-(