Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A weekend in the park

This sunday me and my wife Silvia with our daughter Kim went to the Sherman Oaks Castle Park. Well I suppose I liked it more than Kim, although I hate golf!

Testing: less bugs is better?

When we were testing BusinessSpace we spent 2 months on it and found more than 2000 things to improve or correct. Now it is a script of ours that since launched almost did not have any bug reports from the clients (first two weeks there were about 3 reports, but it is very few for such a huge script).

Now I think, maybe the more bugs you find at the beginning, the less you will have afterwards? Because correcting 1 bug always means correcting 2-3 nearby bugs, and thus the software becomes as clean as possible?

In any case the only program that may not have mugs at all is "Hello world!". Although i think if WE test it, we will find 5-10 bugs as well! :-D